Heavy Duty Repair Suction Cups


【Wide application】 Suitable for various electronic screens, glass, plastic and other smooth surfaces. It can also be used as a support when watching movies or videos by phone or PAD.
【High quality】 Made of industrial plastic and thick natural rubber, it is not easy to bend, it has a long service life.
【Super suction】 With super suction, you can pick up the object up to 18 kg with this suction.
【Good protection】 The suction rubber is thick and natural, it will not scratch the LCD glass screen.
【After-sales guarantee 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please confirm that the high quality product you have purchased is packed in an ice bag printed on the “JumpyFire” icon. Do not worry about product damage or dissatisfaction. Contact us and you can reimburse or replace at any time within 30 days.



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